Vince Gill Unveils Remastered “Someday” Video to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of “Next Big Thing”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Vince Gill’s 11th Album, “Next Big Thing,” Marks 20th Anniversary This Week

As Vince Gill’s 11th album, “Next Big Thing,” reaches its 20th anniversary this week, a special celebration has been set in motion. To honor this significant milestone, the music video for one of the album’s singles, “Someday,” has been remastered in high definition (HD).

During a recent conversation with CMT, Gill admitted to having limited recollection of the music video’s filming process from two decades ago, except for his apprehension about wearing white pants.

“I must have really been skinny,” he joked with a chuckle.

Gill revealed that the “Someday” music video was shot at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art in Nashville, Tennessee. In describing the making of the video, he recounted a laid-back approach where he simply strolled around, sang, and allowed the filming crew to do their work.

Despite his nonchalant account, Gill confessed that being in front of a video camera tends to make him uncomfortable. He openly shared that crafting music videos has never been an enjoyable experience for him, often finding it a laborious and monotonous task. He prefers that listeners interpret the song and create their own mental imagery instead of having everything explicitly shown to them.

The 20th-anniversary remastering of the “Someday” music video offers fans an opportunity to revisit the past and gain fresh insights into Gill’s creative journey.

Co-written with Richard Marx, “Someday” holds a special place in Gill’s heart due to his deep admiration for Marx’s talent. Gill fondly recalled his initial introduction to Marx’s singing abilities during an encounter in Los Angeles. He praised Marx as a remarkable ballad writer, reminiscing that radio executives displayed enthusiasm for “Someday” and confidently predicted its success. Consequently, Gill’s record label released the track to radio. However, Gill, a distinguished figure in the Country Music Hall of Fame, acknowledged that the song’s release coincided with a period when radio was transitioning away from featuring his records prominently.

“I saw it coming,” he acknowledged. “Radio desired ‘Someday,’ but then nothing transpired. I anticipated it because the preceding record wasn’t given the same support as before.”

Despite the challenges, Gill takes immense pride in “Next Big Thing” since it marks his first self-produced album. He shared his belief that a producer should act as a “reducer,” preserving the song’s essence and minimizing interference. This process involves serving the song and allowing it to flourish.

While celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Next Big Thing,” Gill’s creative momentum remains unwavering as he forges ahead with new musical projects. He recently collaborated with Paul Franklin on a project and completed 30 songs in just two weeks for a separate record.

Gill’s excitement for the present musical landscape is palpable, describing it as the “wild west” of the industry. He emphasized that he derives immense joy from the creative process, asserting that his heart and ears guide him honestly. He confidently expressed that his contemporary compositions are of exceptional quality, asserting that he continues to improve in songwriting, playing, and singing.

Gill expressed that his musical journey has always been a personal endeavor, driven by his own passion. “I kind of always have,” he stated. He even reflected on his desire to re-record “I Still Believe In You” because he believes his singing abilities have improved over time. Additionally, he recently penned a new third verse for the song “Go Rest High On That Mountain.”

“As you grow older, your perspective deepens,” Gill explained. “This is why you become better.”

Drawing from his experiences, including his involvement with The Eagles, Gill recalled advice he received from a producer: “Play half of what he knows.” This counsel marked a transformation in his musical approach. He described a shift from the initial aspiration to showcase his skill set to a desire to connect with listeners on a profound emotional level.

Gill’s journey is an embodiment of growth, evolution, and a commitment to his craft. He believes that age and experience have provided him with a unique perspective, enabling him to channel his emotions and musical skills into resonant and impactful performances.