Trace Adkins Marks Two Decades as Grand Ole Opry Member Alongside Exile and Blake Shelton

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Trace Adkins Advocates for Jason Crabb and Exile’s Inclusion in the Grand Ole Opry, Asserts Strong Commitment to Their Membership

Trace Adkins Commemorates 20 Years as Opry Member with Unforeseen Exile Collaboration, a Medley of Chart-Toppers, Heartfelt Words from Blake Shelton, and a Grand Red Velvet Cake.

“As I conclude this evening, I want to express my deep gratitude to the iconic performers who graced the stage tonight,” Adkins conveyed. “Gene Watson, a true legend. Jason Crabb, an exceptional vocalist who ranks among the best I’ve ever heard. And last but not least, Exile, a band that has held a special place in my heart. Your presence has made this celebration truly memorable.”

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After joining Exile for a rendition of “Kiss You All Over,” Adkins retreated to the backstage green room to savor a slice of his celebratory cake and partake in photos alongside his commemorative 20th-anniversary plaque.

Returning to the main stage, he treated the audience to renditions of his chart-topping tracks, including “Songs About Me” and “You’re Gonna Miss This.” During the event, a video message from Blake Shelton, playfully stating, “I’m so delighted that I couldn’t make it there,” was projected on the Opry screen. It’s worth noting that Adkins was the one who extended the invitation to Shelton to join the Grand Ole Opry in 2010.

Back in 2003, Little Jimmy Dickens had invited Adkins to be a part of this esteemed institution, a memorable event that involved Dickens climbing a stepladder to make eye contact with the towering singer. Later that same year, Ronnie Milsap inducted Adkins.

“For me, being a member of the Grand Ole Opry signifies that I am a better person than I would have been otherwise. I take this privilege very seriously,” Adkins reflected. “Every day, I strive to uphold the honor that comes with being a Grand Ole Opry member. I consider myself a representative of this institution, and I’m committed to acting in a manner that pays respect to my extended family at the Grand Ole Opry. In many instances, it’s likely that this membership has steered me clear of trouble.”

Wrapping up his performance, Adkins concluded with the title track from his most recent album, “The Way I Wanna Go,” as a montage of photos chronicling his two-decade journey with the Opry played on the iconic barn backdrop.

Seizing the opportunity to address the audience, Adkins spoke forthrightly, “While I hold this microphone, I’d like to share this sentiment: If I’m required to offer an apology for my words, I’m prepared to do so. I firmly believe that Jason Crabb and Exile deserve a place as members of The Grand Ole Opry. It’s truly regrettable that they haven’t been inducted yet. If anyone takes issue with this stance, they can remove me from the equation. I’m embarking on a campaign, and I won’t relent until Jason Crabb and Exile are rightfully part of The Grand Ole Opry. Thank you for joining us tonight and being a part of this evening. We hold deep affection for you all!”