Reba McEntire was moved to tears on The Voice when a contestant dedicated their audition to their late grandfather.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

McEntire shared with William Alexander that when she sings a song while thinking about her mother, she becomes emotional and finds it difficult to continue singing, often gasping.

Reba McEntire became emotional on The Voice when a contestant dedicated their audition to a late loved one. During Tuesday night’s episode, William Alexander delivered a moving rendition of Lizzy McAlpine’s “Ceilings,” which led to chair turns from Chance the Rapper and McEntire.

“After singing that song, I was actually thinking about my grandfather who passed away last year. He always believed in me, and it’s just surreal to be here now,” Alexander shared following his performance.

Moved by his dedication, McEntire, 68, inquired, “Were you thinking about your grandfather?”

Reba McEntire responded with tears in her eyes when William Alexander confirmed that he was indeed thinking about his grandfather. Expressing her astonishment, the “Does He Love You” singer asked him, “How did you do that?”

Alexander shared that he envisioned his grandfather hearing and witnessing his performance, which filled him with immense pride.

Moved by his heartfelt response, McEntire praised him, saying, “Wonderful. You’re gonna have somebody with you all the time and now I’m getting choked up and I’m going to have to start talking very high but I thought you did a great job. Your voice is a beautiful gift, and I’d love to have you on my team.”

Ultimately, when it was time to choose a coach, Alexander followed his instinct and chose McEntire, listening to his “gut” feeling.

“I’m always really excited about working with young people. William’s voice was very smooth but different from anything else I’ve got so that’s why I wanted him,” she explained.

Reflecting on his decision, Alexander shared in a post-performance interview, “It feels so crazy that Reba got emotional. That’s when I really felt connected to her and I just knew that I had to pick Reba.”

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