Reba McEntire Identifies the Only Artist Who Matches Garth Brooks in Live Performances

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Reba McEntire had no way of foreseeing the remarkable and record-breaking career that Garth Brooks would eventually achieve, but when he was just starting out as her opening act, she recognized his exceptional talent. In a conversation with Taste of Country Nights’ Evan Paul, McEntire shared her initial impression of Brooks and their enduring friendship.

She recalled the first time she saw Brooks perform, noting that her tour manager mentioned his resemblance to her first husband, Charlie Battles. Intrigued, she decided to watch his opening act in Des Moines, Iowa, during a fair.

McEntire described her reaction to his performance, saying, “I quit doing my hair and makeup and I walked up on the side of the stage. He was bouncing around the stage and kinda wrestling with his guitar player, and I thought, ‘I’ve never in my life seen anybody do this.'”

Their professional collaboration began in the early ’90s, and she often watched his sets from the side of the stage. She couldn’t help but be captivated by his unique stage presence. Despite the many world-class entertainers she has encountered, McEntire believes that there is no artist quite like Garth Brooks, with one exception.

She compared Brooks to Taylor Swift, noting that the first time she saw Swift perform was during the ACMs when Swift sang “Tim McGraw” and played her guitar while making her way to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in the audience. McEntire was thoroughly impressed by Swift’s performance, likening her energy and talent to that of Garth Brooks.

Currently, Reba McEntire is a coach on “The Voice,” where she is nurturing the next generation of musical talent and hoping to discover the next Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift. The show airs on NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights.