Miranda Lambert expressed her support for fans engaging in friendly disagreements at her concerts, particularly during specific songs.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The singer emphasized which tracks she permits fans to get lively during.

Miranda Lambert has established guidelines for fans interested in getting rowdy at her concerts. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, July 2, the 40-year-old singer outlined that she welcomes spirited interactions during specific songs. Lambert specified, “If you want to get into it at my shows, go for it. I’ve picked out five songs for you: ‘Fastest Girl in Town,’ ‘Kerosene,’ ‘Little Red Wagon,’ ‘Wranglers,’ and ‘Gun Powder & Lead.'” However, Lambert cautioned fans against doing so during the song ‘Tin Man,’ noting, “That’s a ballad, not the right moment for it.” With a playful nod, Lambert advised fans to choose their moments wisely, suggesting they consult the setlist for their best opportunities.

Fans in the comments praised Lambert’s direct approach and her characteristic charm. One top-liked comment humorously noted, “The fights are now part of the setlist lol.” Another fan added, “This is hilarious 😂. Let’s respect ‘Tin Man’ and also no fighting during ‘Vice’ either. Lol.”

The singer’s statement follows recent footage shared on X (formerly Twitter) showing her live performance in Midland, TX, on June 29. During her rendition of “Tin Man,” Lambert paused to address a disturbance among the audience.

“Is everyone alright? Did someone faint? Are you okay? Are you all fighting during this song? Because I’ll come down there, and you don’t want that. We’re not having that today,” Lambert addressed from the stage during her performance. “I’ll go East Texas on you real quick. It’s not worth it. It’s always the girls, we get all fired up and start throwing punches at each other. Dear police, can we go ahead and remove them? That would be great. Thank you very much.”