Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Country artist Kelsea Ballerini initially conceived “If You Go Down (I’m Goin’ Down Too)” as a tribute to her girlfriends, an anthem of steadfast loyalty to her closest companions who have been her unwavering supporters. However, she soon recognized the song’s potential to resonate beyond its original scope. Yet, Ballerini decided to maintain the song’s original sentiment when translating it into a music video.

Produced by Abi Perl and directed by P. Tracy, the music video takes on an artistic and highly stylized approach, resembling a mini-movie. It embraces the vibe reminiscent of Harry Styles and Florence Pugh’s “Don’t Worry Darling,” blending vintage pastel fashion with contemporary Versace and Chanel elements against the backdrop of midcentury modern homes.

In the video narrative, Ballerini portrays the role of an impeccably stylish next-door wife, surrounded by a group of friends. The visuals playfully balance between references to Lucille Ball and The Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl.” Throughout the footage, Ballerini engages in a series of comically exaggerated activities such as sharpening knives, mowing lawns, partaking in tea parties, and even hanging her head out of the window of a police car.

The music video embraces the song’s original intention while incorporating a touch of humor and visual flair, resulting in a captivating and memorable viewing experience.

“I wanted something that had a real look and feel to it,” Ballerini expressed in a statement. “But it needed to be fun… and funny. I wanted something that made people laugh and clink their glasses because when I wrote this, I wanted ‘If You Go Down’ to be a song that was a reason to turn up the dial.”

Ballerini, who is set to co-host the upcoming CMT Music Awards with Kane Brown, has artfully carved a meaningful space for women in country music by embracing humor, vulnerability, and transparency. She doesn’t shy away from shedding tears, sharing laughter over wardrobe mishaps, or making her mark on best-dressed lists at various events.

However, she clarified that this song leans more towards being tongue-in-cheek than reality.

“Obviously, it’s not true, but it’s fun to sing a line like ‘Hypothetically, if you ever kill your husband, Hand on the Bible, I’d be lying through my teeth…’,” she explained in a statement. “Nobody would ever do that, but it’s the kind of joke you can take in a song that’s funny.”

Ballerini is scheduled to perform the song at the 2023 CMT Music Awards on Sunday night, adding an entertaining touch to the event.