Kelsea Ballerini humorously remarked that she “strongly” feels she’ll have to “fight” her fellow voice coach Adam Levine.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

At the CMA Fest, Kelsea Ballerini added an extra spring to her step — and to her drink. Before her performance at the stadium last Friday, the country singer spoke with PEOPLE at Harriet’s Nashville, where she introduced her own exclusive blend in partnership with The Original Donut Shop Coffee.

“When creating the Ballerini Blend, I wanted to blend my morning black coffee with a touch of oat milk and vanilla,” she shared. The medium roast coffee quickly sold out on, although fans still have a chance to win a prize pack including the pods through an Instagram giveaway.

Ballerini, 30, appreciated the boost from caffeine on June 7, as she returned to the CMA Fest stage after missing the festival in 2023 due to her HEARTFIRST tour, except for a brief appearance at Spotify House.

“I haven’t performed anything from Welcome Mat yet,” she mentioned about her setlist for the night, referring to her surprise EP nominated for a Grammy in February 2023. “I’ll be doing ‘Blindsided’ and ‘Penthouse,’ and I’m eager to gauge the crowd’s response to ‘Yeah, Sure, OK’ — whether they’re ready to scream along or a bit puzzled by it.”

(Thankfully, she had nothing to worry about — the audience knew the ad-lib well, among other hits.)

With CMA Fest now behind her, Ballerini is setting her sights on her upcoming project — her next album, which she hinted is nearly complete but requires a bit more time in the studio this week. “Half of it is in mixing and the other half is finishing vocals and adding overdubs,” she explained. “We’re very close to being finished. And the first single is just around the corner.”

Looking ahead to a busy summer schedule, Ballerini noted she’s been proactive with this release. “We’ve already shot everything. So many things! This feels like the most prepared I’ve ever been, where I’ve had ample time to work on the album and now that it’s taking shape, bring it to life visually and plan a proper show. It feels really satisfying to have everything laid out and not feel rushed.”

Ballerini has given considerable thought to her upcoming album — how she envisions its overall vibe, appearance, and sound. Reflecting on her process, she admitted to PEOPLE, “I was really, really nervous about how to follow up Welcome Mat, because it had such a profound impact on my life and career.” She continued, “I struggled with where to go next. Welcome Mat was about a very specific experience that I’ve moved beyond, and it took me a couple of months to figure out what that next chapter should look like.”

Ultimately, she found her direction by staying true to her honest songwriting. “I took the truth-telling and integrity of my songwriting and applied it to this new phase of life,” she explained. “It’s about being 30, being in relationships, being a friend and daughter, navigating adulthood while still feeling youthful — capturing all those subtleties and writing about them from a place of authenticity. Now, I feel ready to follow it up.”

Before diving into her new album, Ballerini is embarking on a different endeavor: she will be joining the coaching panel for Spring 2025’s edition of The Voice, alongside John Legend and Michael Bublé, and Adam Levine in his return season. Filming begins next month in Los Angeles.

“I’m incredibly excited. It’s a new adventure,” she shared. “I’ve been on set in various roles over the years, but stepping into the coaching role — it’s going to challenge me in new ways and provide a fresh opportunity.”

Reflecting on her decade-long career, Ballerini described the timing of her role on The Voice as “perfect.” “I’ve learned a lot, but I’m still actively learning and I have many goals and stages I want to reach,” she explained. “It’s an interesting position to be in — to coach and say, ‘Hey, I’m still learning too, so I can share what I know with you. But I’m also figuring it out.’ I want to be more of a supportive sister figure than just a coach.”

When asked about her toughest competition on The Voice, Ballerini didn’t hesitate. “I have a feeling I’ll have to really compete with Adam Levine,” she quipped. “I know his return is a big deal, but yeah — I think we might end up as frenemies. Just kidding. Although, Blake has given me some pep talks on how to take him down!”