Kelly Clarkson Joins Forces with Unaware Street Performer for Impromptu Duet

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Kelly Clarkson, a frequent coach on The Voice, has a knack for identifying musical talent, whether it’s showcased on a grand stage or a humble street corner. On a Saturday night (Sept. 23) as she was en route to soundcheck for the IHeartRadio Music Festival, she had an encounter with a street performer who was flawlessly covering Tina Turner. Impressed by the performance, Clarkson approached the singer with the intention of showing her appreciation by tipping her generously. To her surprise, the singer, unaware of Clarkson’s status as one of the world’s most renowned vocalists, invited her to join in for a duet rendition of Turner’s classic, “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

Sharing the heartwarming experience on social media, Kelly Clarkson recounted how the street performer initially invited her to sing without recognizing her. However, as the realization slowly dawned on the performer, it transformed the encounter into a delightful moment. In the video shared online, you can distinctly observe the instant when recognition sets in for the performer, leading to an affectionate embrace between them and a burst of laughter, creating a memorable and joyous interaction for both parties involved.

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Eventually, Kelly Clarkson had to depart to fulfill her commitments at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Nevertheless, she left the street performer with a cherished memory and offered some encouraging words. In her post, Clarkson praised the singer for her exceptional singing and warm hugs.

Notably, Clarkson has been spending a considerable amount of time in Las Vegas, particularly due to her Planet Hollywood residency, which resumed in August with a series of performances. Furthermore, she even had her two children make special guest appearances during one of her recent residency shows.