Dolly Parton Extends Forgiveness and Support to Elle King Following Drunken Grand Ole Opry Incident: ‘She’s a Great Girl’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Last month, the Grand Ole Opry issued an apology following Elle King’s performance, where she acknowledged being “hammered” while paying tribute to Dolly Parton on stage.

“Dolly Parton displays no animosity toward Elle King. Following King’s admission of being ‘f—ing hammered’ and forgetting lyrics to Parton’s ‘Marry Me’ during a Grand Ole Opry performance celebrating the country icon’s 78th birthday at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last month, the ‘Jolene’ singer is standing up for her fellow artist.

‘Elle is truly a remarkable artist,’ remarked Parton of the ‘Ex’s and Oh’s’ musician, aged 34, in an interview with Extra. ‘She’s a wonderful person, and she’s been facing some difficult challenges lately.'”

The Grammy-winning icon further expressed, “She simply had a bit too much to drink, so let’s extend our forgiveness and move forward, as she felt remorseful beyond measure.”

At the concert on January 19, where performances also included Ashley Monroe, Tigirlily Gold, Dailey & Vincent, and Terri Clark, Elle King, aged 34, was captured in various TikTok videos engaging with audience members about refunds.

These interactions occurred after King appeared to sing incoherently and improvised lines about her struggle with the lyrics to “Marry Me,” acknowledging her impaired state.

“I don’t know the lyrics to these things in this f—ing town,” King sang. “Don’t tell Dolly ’cause it’s her birthday.”

Following the song, she remarked, “Everyone’s like, holy s—, we bought tickets to this s—. I’m not even going to lie,” she said while putting her hands in her pockets. “Holy s—. I’m not even going to f—ing lie. Y’all bought tickets for this s—?”

After informing fans that they “ain’t gettin’ your money back,” a member of the audience responded with “I don’t want it.”

“Fine, because you’re not receiving it,” King joked.

Reportedly, as per a TikTok user present at the event, King used profanity around “15 times” during her performance before the interaction with the audience and allegedly “lost track of the lyrics to the Dolly song she was meant to perform.” Subsequently, the venue “closed the curtain on her,” according to the TikToker.

“Let me add something else. Hello, I’m Elle King, and I’m heavily intoxicated,” King remarked.

A representative for King has yet to provide a statement regarding the incident.

The following day, the Grand Ole Opry addressed fan concerns on X (formerly Twitter) after an attendee expressed dissatisfaction, stating that King “spoiled the night with her terrible, intoxicated, and profanity-laden performance,” deeming it “unfortunate that we all had to endure that.”

“Hello Judas, we sincerely apologize for the language used during last night’s second Opry performance,” the Opry replied.

Several days after the incident, King decided to reschedule numerous upcoming concerts to later dates this year.

In a previous interview with the San Diego Tribune in 2022, King discussed performing while intoxicated, expressing her desire to avoid getting as drunk as she once did while on stage.