Diamond Rio Introduces New Lineup and Debuts Song “The Kick”

In the 1990s, Diamond Rio made their debut with the hit song “Meet in the Middle” and went on to achieve success with chart-toppers like “How Your Love Makes Me Feel,” “One More Day,” and “Beautiful Mess.”


Diamond Rio, who captured the hearts of country music fans over three decades ago with their breakthrough hit “Meet in the Middle,” has undergone a lineup change after 33 years. Brian Prout and Gene Johnson retired from the group, and Carson McKee (fiddle/harmony vocals) and Micah Schweinsberg (drums) have joined as new members.

Now, with their rejuvenated lineup, Diamond Rio is prepared to introduce their fresh music to the world. Today, the band released their new song and accompanying music video titled “The Kick.”

According to Diamond Rio’s lead singer, Marty Roe, Micah Schweinsberg, the new drummer who has intermittently played with the group over the years, is an incredible musician who brings renewed energy to their live performances. Micah expressed his admiration for Diamond Rio, stating that he has been a fan of the band for over 30 years and being a part of it is a dream come true.

Marty Roe acknowledged that Carson McKee was not initially who the band was searching for when they began looking for a replacement for Gene Johnson. However, they quickly realized that Carson had unique qualities to offer. Marty praised Carson’s exceptional musical talents, mentioning her ability to sing as high as Gene and blend her vocals seamlessly with his and Dana’s. He also highlighted Carson’s dynamic stage presence, which keeps the band members on their toes.

Carson expressed her deep respect for Gene Johnson, considering him her hero both growing up and in the present. She acknowledged the significant impact he has made on the music industry and expressed humility and honor in having the opportunity to try and uphold the high standards he set.

Since their debut with “Meet in the Middle” in the early ’90s, Diamond Rio has produced a string of hits including “How Your Love Makes Me Feel,” “One More Day,” “Beautiful Mess,” “Unbelievable,” and many more. The band has sold over 6.8 million albums and accumulated over one billion global streams, showcasing their enduring popularity and success in the country music industry.