Darius Rucker recently shared a harrowing experience involving his friend Woody Harrelson that left him fearing for his life.

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In his new memoir “Life’s Too Short,” Darius Rucker reveals a gripping story of how his friend Woody Harrelson once rescued him from a near-death experience.

In his new memoir, “Life’s Too Short,” Darius Rucker recounts a chilling ordeal during a visit to Hawaii to see his friend Woody Harrelson, which took an unexpected turn toward danger.

During a break from touring in the late 1990s, Rucker, then 58, headed to Hawaii to spend time with Harrelson, 62. They passed their days doing yoga, playing chess, and indulging in marijuana. However, one outing took a perilous turn when Harrelson suggested they swim out to a nearby island, cautioning Rucker about the strong currents.

Despite considering himself a strong swimmer, Rucker agreed. However, he soon found himself overwhelmed by the current, feeling disoriented and trapped.

Rucker vividly describes the sensation, likening it to being ensnared by a monstrous squid. He struggled against the water for what felt like an eternity until he heard a familiar voice—Woody’s.

In his memoir, Rucker details how Harrelson attempted to come to his aid but also became ensnared in the unforgiving current. Together, they struggled to stay afloat, treading water for approximately 30 minutes.

During this ordeal, Rucker experienced a surreal moment where he saw visions, including one of his late mother Carolyn, who had passed away seven years prior. As he drifted in and out of consciousness, he witnessed significant moments from his life, such as recording and performing with Hootie & the Blowfish.

Despite feeling as though he was on the brink of death, Rucker found himself back in the present, still battling the water’s force. As he felt his strength wane, he resigned himself to his fate, telling Harrelson to let him go. However, Harrelson refused to give up on his friend, adamantly declaring, “Die? S—. Not on my watch.”

In the midst of their struggle, their friend Kirk arrived to offer assistance. Although Rucker doesn’t recall the details that followed, he knows that Harrelson managed to rescue him from the current, with the help of Kirk, and they brought him safely back to the beach.

This gripping anecdote is just one of many captivating stories recounted by Rucker in “Life’s Too Short,” which delves into his journey to stardom and the significant people and moments that shaped his life.

“I wanted it to be like we were sitting in a bar and I was telling you my story,” Rucker shared with PEOPLE. “I guess not a lot of people know a lot about me. They know my music and what I do. I hope my journey pleasantly surprises people.”