“Darius Rucker commented on Morgan Wallen’s racial slur controversy, noting that Wallen has shown personal growth since then.”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“In February 2021, Wallen was recorded using a racial slur in conversation with a friend.”

“Darius Rucker believes it’s time for forgiveness toward Morgan Wallen following the 2021 incident where Wallen was recorded using a racial slur. Speaking on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast on July 2, the Hootie and the Blowfish singer acknowledged Wallen’s efforts to change since then.

“I think Morgan’s really grown as a person since then,” said Rucker, 58. “I’ve known Morgan for a long time. Since that incident, he’s really committed himself to personal growth and a more positive outlook on life.”

Rucker noted that despite Wallen, 31, achieving continued success in streaming and ticket sales, full forgiveness has been slow to come.”

“He’s still not forgiven. He’s not even up for CMAs and ACMs,” Rucker stated. “They can say what they want, but it’s crazy that Morgan Wallen, who’s selling more tickets than anyone, isn’t nominated for Entertainer of the Year.”

In February 2021, TMZ obtained a video showing the “Last Night” singer using a racial slur while talking to a friend. Following the incident, Wallen expressed embarrassment and apologized in a statement to PEOPLE.

The next day, his music was removed from major radio networks, his label suspended him indefinitely, and he became ineligible for the ACM Awards that spring.

A week later, Wallen posted a five-minute video apologizing for his use of the slur and revealing he had been sober for nine days.

“I disappointed so many people,” Wallen expressed. “I let down my parents, who are nothing like the person in that video. I let down my son, and I can’t accept that.”

“One thing I’ve already learned and am specifically sorry for is understanding that words matter,” he continued. “Words can deeply hurt someone, and at my core, I can’t accept that.”

Since then, Wallen disclosed on Good Morning America that he had entered rehab, made a return to award shows, and his 2023 album “One Thing at a Time” broke records. He also launched a tour in support of the album.

In a cover story interview with Billboard, the “Keith Whitley” singer reflected on using the racial slur and acknowledged the impact of his influence, stating, “I’ve realized just how much people listen to me.”

“I won’t make excuses. There’s no justification,” Wallen stated to the publication. “I’ve spoken with many people and heard stories about experiences I hadn’t considered because I wasn’t the one experiencing them.”

Recently, Wallen faced felony charges following an incident on April 7, where he allegedly threw a chair from a rooftop bar.

After his arrest, Wallen issued a statement taking “responsibility” for his actions, published on X. The next court date for the case is set for August 15.