CMT Exclusive: Ian Flanigan Embraces the Charm of Campfires and Backroads in his Latest Music Video “Under a Southern Sky”

Ian Flanigan Aims for Uplifting Vibes with his Song “Under a Southern Sky”


Ian Flanigan, recognized by country music enthusiasts during his time as a member of Team Blake on “The Voice,” secured a third-place finish on the show and subsequently collaborated with Blake Shelton. Now returning to the spotlight, Flanigan showcases his distinct, raspy vocals in his latest track, “Under A Southern Sky.” The accompanying music video, directed by Justin Mayotte, was released today, providing a visual representation that, according to Flanigan, magnifies the essence of “Under a Southern Sky” by capturing the intimate ambiance of hometown evenings in a grand manner. The song was penned by Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall, and Jonathan Singleton.

Flanigan expressed that the essence of “Under a Southern Sky” revolves around embracing campfires, backroads, and creating memorable experiences. He particularly cherishes a scene in the music video where a lantern is lit and released into the sky, although their original plan of lighting multiple lanterns was hindered by strong winds, resulting in a humorous and intense behind-the-scenes moment.

Flanigan expressed his gratitude for the talented individuals on his team, emphasizing that he is always honored to work with them to bring his artistic vision to life. He acknowledges that the privilege of releasing “Under a Southern Sky” alongside its music video is something he never takes for granted.

As a native of New York, Flanigan is thankful for the opportunity to share “Under a Southern Sky” with his fans, and he hopes that the video resonates with country music enthusiasts, reminding them of the cherished moments they spend with loved ones in their hometowns. His ultimate desire is for listeners to experience a sense of joy every time they hear the song “Under a Southern Sky.”