Carly Pearce Enlists Chris Stapleton for Her Latest Single

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Carly Pearce Describes Collaborating with Chris Stapleton on a Song as a “Dream Come True”

Carly Pearce, known for her impressive history of successful duets, has teamed up with a new collaborator – Chris Stapleton.

Announcing on Monday, Pearce revealed that her upcoming single “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” featuring Chris Stapleton, will be released on June 16th.

Pearce shared her perspective, stating, “My intention has always been to craft music that resonates emotionally, whether that means evoking a sense of recognition, companionship, happiness, or even a hint of discomfort. ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’ feels like one of those narratives that many of us have experienced or are currently undergoing, despite whether we showcase it in our social media highlights. Having Chris Stapleton join me on this track was truly a dream come true; he added a dimension to the storyline that I hadn’t even realized was missing.”

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Written by Carly Pearce, along with frequent collaborator Shane McAnally and Pete Good, and produced by McAnally and Pearce, alongside Josh Osborne, “We Don’t Fight Anymore” emerges as Pearce’s latest musical offering since her acclaimed third album “Written In Stone,” following her fourth chart-topping single “What He Didn’t Do.”

Inspired by the conclusion of her marriage to fellow country artist Michael Ray, the Kentucky-born singer-songwriter co-penned the song with Emily Shackleton and Ashley Gorley. Pearce’s connection to the track goes deep, as she related during her No. 1 celebration, “This song marks a significant moment of closure for me in my journey. At the time, I truly felt like my world was collapsing. But this song helped me find strength in my vulnerability.”

The genesis of “What He Didn’t Do” occurred serendipitously. After Pearce and Gorley completed a songwriting session, Gorley asked a seemingly simple question: “What did he not do?” Pearce’s response led to the poignant anthem’s creation. She recalled, “I just poured my heart out into the song because it felt so true and real. Little did we know that one performance at a Nashville venue would set off a wildfire, catapulting this song into the hearts of many.”

Reflecting on the process, Pearce expressed, “During that time, I needed a reminder of my self-worth and that I deserved better. Looking back now, having come through those trials, I want others to find solace in this song. I hope that whoever is grappling with similar struggles can grasp onto the message that they, too, matter and deserve better.”