Ashley Cooke’s “Shot in the Dark” Takes Viewers on a Nostalgic Journey through Her Homestate

Ashley Cooke: “Shot in the Dark” – A True Reflection of My Artistry, Unveiling My Childhood Love for Country Music and Culture.


Ashley Cooke embraced nostalgia wholeheartedly by returning to her hometown of Parkland, Florida, for the filming of her latest music video, “shot in the dark,” now available to the public.

The video was shot at Loxahatchee Levy, a place she frequented during her high school years for tailgating and watching sunsets, creating cherished memories.

She expressed, “It’s down the street from the neighborhood that I used to live in, so we would all hang out there.” Ashley had the delightful opportunity to invite her best friend from high school, Logan, to feature in the music video as the male lead, making the experience even more special. Sharing so many memories with her best friend in the video, along with revisiting her hometown, filled the shoot with an extra layer of enjoyment and sentimentality. Logan’s parents also lived close by, adding to the sentimentality of the location.

With this heartfelt production, Ashley Cooke beautifully captures her love for her childhood passion of country music and the fond memories of her hometown and its culture.

Ashley Cooke co-wrote the song “shot in the dark” with Jordan Minton, Emily Weisband, and Corey Crowder, while Jimmy Robbins produced it. The music video was directed by Jay Curtis Miller and Caleb Donato, with Taylor Vermillion serving as the producer.

During the video shoot at Loxahatchee, a special moment occurred when Ashley spotted old friends driving by. The encounter added to the authenticity of the experience, making her feel like she was truly back in her hometown as a high schooler.

The song’s theme revolves around two people meeting in a bar and instantly falling in love, symbolized by taking shots in the dark of tequila and daring to see what love may come from the encounter. For the video, Ashley wanted to portray the essence of young love without getting too literal at the bar scene. She drew inspiration from her memories of spending nights at Loxahatchee, tailgating, watching sunsets, and experiencing love in her youth. To maintain the youthful spirit, shots of apple juice were used instead of whiskey, yet the emotions and essence of young love were beautifully captured.

Ashley hopes that the viewers will also fall in love with the magic of her hometown, just as she did during her high school days. The video serves as an invitation into her world, showing the roots of her musical journey and the place where her passion for country music blossomed.

For Ashley, releasing the video is a full-circle moment, as it authentically portrays her as an artist and reflects her love for country music and her hometown’s culture. Filming much of the content in her hometown has added a deeply personal touch to the video, allowing her to share her love for the place where her musical journey began.